Jada WIlliams sat at her desk with her eyes fixed on the computer screen in front of her, fingers resting on the keyboard, breath catching in her throat. Suddenly, her back and shoulders tensed up in that all too familiar way, and her head jerked from side to side.  The room around her blurred as … Continue reading Scars


Business Mind

Janet Worthington was a businesswoman with a good heart. But somewhere along the way, she’d lost herself. She’d forgotten about her hopes, and dreams – her true aspirations. She’d forgotten what it felt like to yearn with passion. These days, the only things she was familiar with were anxiety pills, emotionless sex, big business strategy, … Continue reading Business Mind

Anxiety: A New Level Of Understanding

I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer. Like me, anxiety is a part of her everyday life, and recently, she's found an excellent medium with which to express that side of herself... Water. The photo above is one of hers, and the moment I saw it, it stopped me dead in my tracks. … Continue reading Anxiety: A New Level Of Understanding

The Trap

I feel creatively drained right now... Like my brain has nothing left to give... Which is sad, because... I have creative goals. Goals that I want to achieve. But I'm spending all my creative energy on things that mean nothing to me... And for what?  So I can get paid... So I can manage my … Continue reading The Trap

Chasing Your Dreams: Creativity Dies In The Workplace

I work in a somewhat creative environment now… It’s not the dream job, but it’s real solid experience with a few great opportunities to get creative. I’m a copywriter for an advertising agency that markets automotive dealerships and their products. It’s the first full time opportunity I’ve had to actually write creatively (sometimes) and get … Continue reading Chasing Your Dreams: Creativity Dies In The Workplace