Jada WIlliams sat at her desk with her eyes fixed on the computer screen in front of her, fingers resting on the keyboard, breath catching in her throat. Suddenly, her back and shoulders tensed up in that all too familiar way, and her head jerked from side to side.  The room around her blurred as … Continue reading Scars


Millennial Problems: The Importance Of Adding Value

My name is Alex Wilson, I am a millennial, and I have something to say about it. I feel like, on a whole, the vast majority of us are really into the idea of helping others. Is that just me? Are we not really into the idea of building careers that make us feel valued … Continue reading Millennial Problems: The Importance Of Adding Value

Business Mind

Janet Worthington was a businesswoman with a good heart. But somewhere along the way, she’d lost herself. She’d forgotten about her hopes, and dreams – her true aspirations. She’d forgotten what it felt like to yearn with passion. These days, the only things she was familiar with were anxiety pills, emotionless sex, big business strategy, … Continue reading Business Mind