Rhyming Words Is Therapeutic For Me

Emotional, theatrical, irrational, distractable. When it comes to interacting, I’m also quite retractable. Quizzical, comical, sensational, unusual. But all I want to be is somewhat inspirational.   Doubtful, rueful, sinful, a handful. Depending who you ask, that last part is disputable. Wishful, hopeful, bashful, yet somehow tactful. Even though sometimes my actions are quite laughable. … Continue reading Rhyming Words Is Therapeutic For Me



The sunshine above me is calling my name. The warmth, like a flame that tickles my skin, pulls at my hair, and gives my soul flight. It's calling me, begging me, "float up into the light." And try as I might, the soil beneath me stays firm.  It is my foundation. It houses the roots … Continue reading Roots

Penelope VS The Patriarchy

It’s possible that Penelope forgot to take her pills She’s petulant, and confident, and breaking all the rules. Particularly proud today – pesky, posh and prude Passing people boastfully with blatant attitude. Patriarchal society is narrow minded in perspective They think a woman should be passive, pristine, polite and perfect Positive… Petite… Polished, pretty and … Continue reading Penelope VS The Patriarchy

Vacation is an Elusive Dream

The steamy summer heat blazing down on our skin and the tiny apartment we can’t quite fit in. The miles of walking, frozen drinks in each hand and the crazy local islanders we don’t quite understand.   Swimming in the pool and relaxing on the beach. Eating out every night, sharing several drinks each. Exploring … Continue reading Vacation is an Elusive Dream