My New Blog

Hi Everyone 🙂 So as I may have mentioned before, I've decided to start a new blog... One that's a little more focused. One it you'll find content related to health and wellness, (like this energizing yoga class I shared), Words of Wisdom from yours truly (you know, because I think I know everything), and … Continue reading My New Blog

Rhyming Words Is Therapeutic For Me

Emotional, theatrical, irrational, distractable. When it comes to interacting, I’m also quite retractable. Quizzical, comical, sensational, unusual. But all I want to be is somewhat inspirational.   Doubtful, rueful, sinful, a handful. Depending who you ask, that last part is disputable. Wishful, hopeful, bashful, yet somehow tactful. Even though sometimes my actions are quite laughable. … Continue reading Rhyming Words Is Therapeutic For Me

Is Your Blog Interesting?: Make Your Words Worthwhile

Do you ever wonder if other people think you’re interesting? Of course, as a blogger, it’s your job to be interesting, or else, it would be difficult for other people to take an interest in what you have to say. I think in general, most people find themselves interesting, (and why wouldn’t they? Every person … Continue reading Is Your Blog Interesting?: Make Your Words Worthwhile