A Poem About Anxiety

The other day I stumbled across a poem that I wrote a few years ago while experiencing an anxiety attack. It was the kind of anxiety attack that came out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason at all. So, I’d decided to channel the energy into writing this poem.

It’s meant to be performed as a slam poem, but for now I’ll just leave it here. Maybe one day I’ll do a recording and share that too.


Anxiety is a beast of a thing to suffer from…


It’s like a curse that plagues me from within

Leaving me weak

Making me ill

Like I’m watching the world crumble before my eyes.


My world.


When I experience anxiety

It’s like a wave of nervous energy welling up inside

It courses through my veins

And drums against my bones

Making words impossible to say

And sentences impossible to form


Stillness… is like a foreign concept


Movement, movement, movement

And sound, sound, sound

If I could run I would

If I could hide I would

But I cannot run

I cannot hide

I cannot hide from something created inside

Deep within my soul from unturned corners of my brain

It’s like I’m insane.


Like I’m insane.


Sometimes I wish I peel my skin from my bones

Ripping the flesh that keeps the vibrations inside

Setting them free

Setting me free


Maybe then the world wouldn’t seem so dark

Maybe then everything wouldn’t seem like it’s always falling apart

Maybe then I’d be able to breath

and my breath wouldn’t get caught inside my swelling throat

Maybe then I wouldn’t choke

Maybe then I’d have the freedom to just be me

Without feeling weak

Without feeling like I have to hide

Without being afraid of my potential to fly.


Or fall. That’s all.


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