Is Your Blog Interesting?: Make Your Words Worthwhile

Do you ever wonder if other people think you’re interesting? Of course, as a blogger, it’s your job to be interesting, or else, it would be difficult for other people to take an interest in what you have to say.

I think in general, most people find themselves interesting, (and why wouldn’t they? Every person on this planet is the center of his/her own little world, right?). I think I’m interesting, but that doesn’t mean other people do. I always find myself wondering if other people will find my small existence in this world worth being a part of.

What Makes You Interesting…

This is the conclusion I’ve come to. Let me know if you agree.

1.) If the people who read my blog know me, then chances are, they are more likely to think it’s interesting. Things are always more interesting when they are about someone you know – that’s just the way it is.

I’ll give you an example: if you find out that some random person is going through a divorce, what do you care, right? But, if you find out that the girl you went to high school with who was always so righteous about the institution of marriage is getting a divorce, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting, doesn’t it?

2.) If you are writing about things from your life that other people can relate to, chances are those people will find the things you have to say interesting. And I think the more open, honest, vulnerable and authentic you are, the more and more people will want to read.

The thing is, what’s the point of getting invested in someone else’s blog if you don’t know them, or if you can’t hope to read things that will be relevant to you (because as I said before, everyone is the center of their own world, and if what you’re writing isn’t relevant to them, then they aren’t going to read it. Period.).

Of course, the blogging community is very friendly, and more often than not (if you know how to do it) you can connect with people who will become like virtual friends. I love virtual friends; They’re great because tend to be very supportive very supportive and they’ll usually read your stuff when they find time. That or they are genuinely interested in you and your life because they’ve gotten to know you through your blog, and they like you.

I follow tons of blogs from people I don’t know because they either consistently write about things that are relevant to me, or I genuinely like them as people (based on what I read). In the case of the latter, they’re lives are interesting to me because they’ve become my virtual friends, and I like to check up on them, be entertained by them, and support them.

Do You Know How To Be Interesting?

So that’s that. What do you think? Do you know how to be interesting? Any ideas for how you can make yourself / your blog more interesting? Got any tips for me? Leave me some love in the comments below!

As a blogger, of course, I’m always looking to grow and expand my blog, to touch more readers, and to find more people to connect with. I love learning from others and what’s worked for them, so if you have some advice please do share. Or maybe you know of a great blog that talks about this sort of thing, in which case, send me a link!


2 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Interesting?: Make Your Words Worthwhile

  1. I was just thinking about this very thing today. I thought my recent post was quite funny but the only person who seemed to agree was my mum who basically likes all my posts anyway.

    I’ve been wondering how I come across to people who aren’t close to me and if they get my sense of humour and whatnot.

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