Married Without Children: Details From A Beautiful Phase In Life

Relationship: Married without kids

Morning Snuggles

You wake up in the morning and quietly turn to the still sleeping body that lies next to you. You’re a morning person. He is not.

Gently, you plant a kiss on his shoulder. He stirs, opens his eyes, briefly (perhaps to make sure that it’s you), then closes them shut and scoots in closer. He wraps his arms around you and you sigh, content to stay here forever.

Eager to take part in the snuggle fest, the dogs jump up into bed, crawl all over you and insist on being involved. So you let them in and the next thing you know, the bed is full of snuggles, and everyone is happy.

Meal Time Rituals

The dogs are walked and your empty stomachs are ready to be filled, so you browse through the fridge, searching for the essentials. Eggs, milk, syrup – pancakes it is.

He washes the pan from the sink while you gather all the ingredients and set them onto the counter. Once the pan is clean, you oil it and begin cooking immediately. He attempts to squeeze past you in the tiny kitchen space, eager to make his coffee. Playfully, you scoot back so he can’t quite fit through. He laughs, kisses your cheek, and continues on his way to the coffee pot.

Once breakfast is made, you sit together at the table to enjoy your feast. He reads through the news while you sit there and quietly take in the moment, adding it to your collection of many moments just like this. What more could you ask for?


Some days you venture out to explore new places and see new things. Some days you visit with family and friends. Still other days, you run errands and take care of your essential husband and wife duties. He drives while you sit in the passenger’s seat, feet up on the dash, listening to all of his favorite songs – songs that have become your favorites too.

You sing along with all the words, and every now and then, he joins in. This is your favorite thing. Neither of you are singers, but you can’t help but notice how perfectly your voices harmonize with one another.

No Plans

Some days, you just stay home and relax. He might play video games while you tend to your blog or practice yoga. You can’t help but laugh every now and then when you hear him cursing at the screen. Some days it’s enough to make you go upstairs and join him.

Sometimes you work out together. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you pick out a movie and snuggle up on the couch. Other times you lay around together passing ideas back and forth.

What do you want to do?

I don’t know. What do you want to do?

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what you do. You’re just happy he’s there to do it with you. 

Evening Affairs

Every now and then you attend a party or some other sort of evening affair with friends or family. He likes to have a few drinks, otherwise he feels socially anxious. You don’t usually. You used to drink more, but these days you prefer to observe. Plus, you’ve had a few too many over the top nights, so you’re more careful these days. You might have 1, maybe 2, but that usually does it.

Socializing with your friends is always fun, but at the end of the night, somehow you always find yourself having your best conversations with him. You talk about your favorite memories or your plans for the future. You talk about what’s going wrong in the world and what you could do to fix it. You talk about the interactions you’ve had with the people around you. About life in general and where you fit into it. You talk, and talk, and talk, until finally it’s time to go home.


You always start to get sleepy around 9 o’clock. He never does.

You pick out a good book, or whatever you’re already reading and head straight for the room, ready to settle in. He follows, lies with you for a time, and then kisses you goodnight, leaving you to read. He’ll probably watch something on TV or perhaps play a video game.

Another good day has come and gone.

You read in your room until your eyes are too heavy to hold open. Finally it’s time for sleep. 8 beautiful hours of uninterrupted sleep.

This is the second post I’ve written in this format and I find I quite like it. It’s more story like and it helps me bring attention to small details that are important to me. I think I’ll start writing more posts like this going forward. What do you think? leave me a comment if you enjoy reading posts written in this style.

You can check out my other post like this here: It’s about how my husband and I first met.


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