How Creating A Meditation Space Improved My Practice

How do you feel about meditation?

Dedicated yogi or not, one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself (in my opinion) is develop a regular meditation practice.

I’ve meditated on and off for years, but recently, I’ve been more consistent than ever. I would like to attribute this consistency to my newly created meditation space. It’s in my closet.

My apartment is blessed with closets that are on the larger side. One day, I was in the closet upstairs, looking for something, and while I was in there, I couldn’t help but notice how roomy it was. The closet doesn’t hold many items. There are a few boxes on the shelves, but the floor space is clear.

As I was noticing how roomy it was, I suddenly had a brilliant idea: I should turn this into a meditation room. So, I immediately ran downstairs to grab some blankets and cushions. I found a sleeping back, a Mickey Mouse blanket, and an extra sofa pillow from a couch we no longer own. Gathering up my bounty, I made my way back upstairs and began transforming the closet space into what is now my meditation room.

I love this space. After using up what I could find at home (creating a little table in the corner) I decided to go out and buy just a few things to make the space feel complete. I purchased a tapestry, an additional blanket, and some candles.

How my meditation space affects my practice.

Since creating my little space, there are a couple differences I notice in my practice.

1.) Focusing on my practice is a lot easier without the openness of the rest of my apartment to distract me. It’s cozier, and it keeps my cuddle-loving puppies out of my space while I’m meditating.

2.) I look forward to meditation more than I have previously. There’s something about having my own little private retreat that makes it more… luxurious!

I think that, especially for beginners, having a confined space like this in which to meditate can really help with developing the practice. As someone who is easily distracted, I know how valuable it can be to shut out the rest of the world during meditation.

What do you think?

Do you have a meditation practice? How about a special space for your meditation? Do you think having a designated meditation space would be helpful for you?


One thought on “How Creating A Meditation Space Improved My Practice

  1. Meditation is something I want to add to my tool box. I haven’t really gotten into it yet. I do have a room in the house I plan to use to meditate away from the busyness of motherhood. I love the idea of turning a spare closet into a meditation space.

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