Gratitude Challenge: Finding More Positivity In Life

Throughout the month of May, I’ve been participating in a gratitude challenge on instagram. Taking part in this challenge has given me some interesting insight (which I will get into in a moment).

It was hosted by one of the yoga teachers at the studio where I practice and teach. When she first told me about this challenge I was excited; 1) because I’ve been meaning to start actively practicing gratitude in my life, and 2) there was the potential to win some pretty cool prizes.

The first few days of the challenge were easy. I went for the obvious things like my darling hubby, my parents, sisters, friends, dogs and in-laws. After hitting all the big things however, it suddenly became really difficult to find new things to post about.

The second week was hard. I really had to think about what new things I could post about. It felt like I actually had to go out and do things in order to make posts. So I went to the beach and made a post about that. I picked up a new book, and make a post about that. I went on a little adventure with my hubby and made a post about that. I even made a post about relaxing at home with my hubby when we decided not to do anything on that particular day.

Then, one morning, I was at work, sipping on a freshly made cup of hot tea. I wasn’t thinking about the gratitude challenge at all, but I remember thinking about how much I loved my morning teatime ritual. It’s so simple and basic, but every morning at 10:30, I make myself a cup of hot tea and enjoy it throughout the hour. That’s when it hit me. I was feeling grateful for something in my life (as I do every morning when I drink my tea) but at first I didn’t realize it. It took 2 weeks of actively practicing gratitude to begin to notice the little things that I’m thankful for in my everyday life.

So that day, I made the post about my tea. From that moment on, the challenge changed for me. Instead of looking for things to be grateful for, I started noticing when I was feeling gratitude, and my posts became about those moments.

Following that, I found myself feeling grateful for my body/good health, my morning walks with my husband/puppies, dairy-free chocolate milk, my mentors/the people I look up to, and my warm comfy bed. All of these were things I noticed myself feeling gratitude for in the moment. I didn’t have to think about them. I didn’t have to go looking for them. They were simply there, and all I had to do was notice.

When the challenge ends in a the next few days, I don’t intend to continue making daily gratitude posts, but I do hope to continue actively noticing the moments in which I feel gratitude. And maybe every now and then I’ll make an instagram post about it. If you’re interested in seeing all of my gratitude posts, find me on instagram @sunshinemind89.

Have you ever participated in a gratitude challenge like this? I’ve done it before, but in the past, I’ve given up when it got hard. This is my first time successfully completing the full challenge and I have to say, I’m feeling really good about the resulting effect.

Give it a try if you’re interested and let me know how it goes. Have you had an experience similar to mine? Or maybe a different experience? Tell me about it in the comments below!




Photo Creds to Carli Jeen


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge: Finding More Positivity In Life

  1. I love this! I like how you are now thankful for things without even looking for them. It is amazing what we are thankful for that we usually take for granted. If that makes any sense. Yesterday I went for a walk right before a storm came. I was thankful for the light rain and even though I had my umbrella in my hand I waited until the rain got really heavy to put it up. I savored the moment and was thankful for it.

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