Developing A Regular Yoga Practice: What Does That Look Like?

As someone who considers herself a yogi, I would like to say that I practice everyday and take classes regularly.

Unfortunately this is not the case. I wake up every morning with the intention of practicing, however, the fact that I don’t wake up at a scheduled time, but do have to be to work at a scheduled time, means I don’t always have an adequate number of minutes to dedicate to a morning practice.

Yes, I could set an alarm to wake up at a certain time everyday, but I find that alarms don’t really work for me. I’m naturally an early riser, and I always wake up with enough time to get ready for work (and only sometimes with enough time to practice and get ready), but I don’t do well with an alarm. Whenever I wake up to an alarm (as opposed to naturally waking up when my body is ready), I always feel tired all day.

I do so much better at work, and with all my personal tasks when I feel well rested. Plus, if you ask me, there’s nothing worse than feeling tired all day. Sleep is important to my health and wellbeing – and not just mine, but everyone’s. The thing is, getting just the right amount of rest that my body needs everyday is important to me. It’s more important than fitting in a yoga sesh. That’s why I put my sleep above my practice.

I’ve done the whole alarm-clock-get-up-with-enough-time-to-practice-everyday-routine thing, and it simply wasn’t serving me. I thought that trying to make myself get up everyday and practice in the mornings would help me with my anxiety, but I actually found that quite the opposite was true. It felt like another full time job. Like just one more thing to add to my list of things I had to do. That’s not what I wanted yoga to become. That’s not what it’s for. My yoga practice is for me, and it serves me a whole lot better when I do it in the moments that feel right as opposed to moments that are forced. Maybe one day, I’ll have enough stability in my life to wake up at the same time everyday and dive into my practice. For now, that is not where I am. And I’m okay with that.

Fortunately, I do wake up with enough time to practice at least a few days a week. And I always try to make time to go to a class, or at least do my own practice at home on the weekends. I do what works so that yoga can remain a blessing in my life. And for now, that’s all I need to feel successful as a yogi.

Do you have a regular yoga practice? Do you practice everyday? A few times a week? Or just whenever you can? What makes you feel successful as a yogi? Lets talk about it in the comments below 🙂



Photo by Shanna Marie Photography


2 thoughts on “Developing A Regular Yoga Practice: What Does That Look Like?

  1. We definitely have the same philosophy. I try to do a 15 minute morning session during the week. I go to a class on Saturday and give myself a break on Sunday. This past week I maybe got 2 of my morning sessions in. My baby kept me busy. I think yoga is one of those things that could become a chore if you aren’t into it when you do it.

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