On Blogging: The Importance Of Backlogging

If you’re a blogger and you like to post content regularly you probably know that it can be pretty exhausting to keep up with a regular posting schedule.

Some struggles you may encounter include:

  • A lack of inspiration to write a post worthy of publishing on your schedule posting day.
  • A sudden emergency, or event, or change of plans, or whatever – life happening – that keeps you from being able to write your post when you have previously planned
  • Or simply getting busy, distracted by other things, lacking energy, or forgetting about your post.

All of these problems can be addressed with one simple fix. It’s a blogging tip I swear by – keeping a backlog of blog posts.

When I make time to sit down and write, I always try to write as much as I can, about as many different subjects as I can, for as long as I can. This helps me to build a backlog that accommodates my 2 post a week publishing schedule. Just the other day I managed to write out 4 blog posts. That’s enough for 2 weeks!

Once my posts are written, I organize them in order for how I want them to post, I set the schedule, and boom, I’m done.

By creating a backlog, I always have something available to go live, which is particularly helpful during the weeks when I’m feeling uninspired. It also helps me keep up with my regular posting schedule without the added stress. And the best thing is, I can always re organize my backlog, so if I have a topic that I suddenly feel very strongly about that I need to publish ASAP, I write up the post, get it scheduled to go live next, and then readjust my backlog.

Keeping a backlog of blog posts is a simple as writing down ideas as they come, and then returning to those ideas during your writing session. If there are any particular ideas you feel fond of, write about those first, then make your way down the list. Try to write about as many topics as possible, and then create your backlog.

Before I got into the habit of backlogging, I used to have planned writing sessions on the day I wanted my post to go live. I would sit down and try to write something, anything for the blog. Sometimes it worked out well, other times it didn’t. If I had absolutely no content because it turned out that I was feeling pretty inspiration less, my blog would suffer.

At another point, I got into the habit of simply writing up a blog post whenever I felt inspired and publishing it right then and there. This created a somewhat sporadic posting schedule, which as we all know, can make it difficult to gain followers.

Keeping up with a steady backlog has helped me tremendously and I believe it is the best way to manage a blog.

How do you manage your blog? Do you have a regular publishing schedule? Is it something you stick to? Do you have a super awesome system in place that you find works really well? Share your blogging tips and tricks with me in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “On Blogging: The Importance Of Backlogging

  1. I’ve been meaning to get around to this. Writing freelance for the paper and now getting ready to lead a group next school year keeps me pretty busy. Then there are the girls 7 months and almost 4 years. I hope to create a back log once my husband is on summer vacation. I wish I had tips and tricks to share. One day.

  2. I don’t have a regular blogging schedule but I have started writing notes and ideas for future posts and I also keep a journal that I pull from sometimes.

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