Business Mind

Janet Worthington was a businesswoman with a good heart. But somewhere along the way, she’d lost herself. She’d forgotten about her hopes, and dreams – her true aspirations. She’d forgotten what it felt like to yearn with passion.

These days, the only things she was familiar with were anxiety pills, emotionless sex, big business strategy, tough negotiations, and limitless deception. She had learned how to ignore her heart long ago, knowing that if she’d allowed herself to care, she’d only be hurting her own success. So she buried her bleeding heart, and screwed over the little guy time and time again.

Janet anxiously tapped her cigarette on the tray beside her, allowing the ashes to trickle down from its tip. She had a meeting in less than 30 minutes. A meeting that would require her to turn her business mind on and her emotional mind off. A quick smoke before meetings like this usually helped to calm her down and help her prepare.

Yet, as she sat on the little blue bench on the city street just blocks away from her building, she couldn’t help but wonder how much more she could take. How long would it be before her heart decided to completely retreat, leaving her with a black empty space in her chest, completely devoid of all emotion? She wondered how many small businesses would be run into the ground based on her decisions in this meeting, and how much capital gain it would amount to for her and the big corporation she loyally served.

It didn’t matter, she told herself. It’s a tough world, and only the strong survive, and she had already proven herself to be a survivor. She took one last puff of her cigarette, tossed it aside, and rose to her feat. The outcome of this meeting had already been decided.


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