Breaking Boundaries: A Little More Of What I’m Made Of

When I first started this blog, Pretty Little Words, my intention was to use it as a place where I could share my creative work. My fiction stories, poetry, new ideas. It was meant to inspire me to write every day.

Well, I never really followed through with that intention, and instead I turned it into a lifestyle blog. I don’t think I did this accidentally or out of laziness. I think it was actually pretty intentional. Maybe I decided to make this change because writing about lifestyle topics felt safer than writing stories. It felt like something that would be more interesting to readers. I stopped making it about me (because let’s face it, I’m a giving soul and I’d rather bore people with useful shit instead of my lame stories) and I made it about others instead. Heh.

As time has gone on, I’ve snuck in a few more personal posts, sharing more intimate details about my life than what I typically would. I think that this shows a sign of growth. It shows that I do have the courage to be vulnerable in front of others. It shows that I still have a yearning to share more of myself.

So, in the spirit of bravery, I’ve decided that I’m finally going to give this blog a little more of what it was made for. I’m going to start sharing more of my personal work. And if no one reads it, who cares? At least I’m writing and at least I’m sharing. And if people do read my work and think it’s lame, well then good. They’re entitled to their opinions, and I can’t let what others might think hold me back.

My current posting schedule falls on Monday mornings, and Friday mornings. I think that in order to accommodate this new goal, I will add a 3rd day to my posting schedule. So, officially, Wednesday mornings will be dedicated to short stories, works of fiction, poetry and other creative projects.

I’m extremely excited for this new adventure, and I look forward to spending more time behind my desk, doing something that I love.

My first creative writing post went live on Wednesday and you can click here if you’re interested in checking it out.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Boundaries: A Little More Of What I’m Made Of

  1. PS You reminded me of what my original intention for my blog was. I lost sight of that or was avoiding it. If people don’t care about what I have to say that’s ok. I need to say it to deal with it.

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