Wedding Series Post #5: My Wedding Day

My wedding day could not have been more perfect. (Actually, it totally could have. I got wasted at the reception and woke up the next day with alcohol poisoning. But aside from that…).

I spent the night at my mom and dad’s and he spent the night at his parent’s house too. We kept things pretty traditional.

The night before was kind of like Christmas – I was way too excited to sleep so my mom popped me a Benadryl to knock me out. I think I slept a solid 4 hours. Not half bad.

In the morning, my bridesmaids began arriving early for hair and makeup rituals. We drank mimosa’s, ate bagels and oh-la-la-ed at the fact that I was about to get married (to my actual real life prince charming).

The limo arrived to bring us to the church around 11:30AM, and as far as I know, we arrived perfectly on time for my 12:00PM wedding. On the way there, my bridesmaids blasted my favorite song on repeat in order to help my fight off the nerves that were building up something fierce.


I was so nervous that I was shaking. I don’t really know why. I just was. But once I stepped onto the aisle, my dad standing beside me, and saw all the familiar faces of people I know and love staring back at me, everything was suddenly okay.


Then, as we pressed on, I saw him – my husband to be – standing at the front of the church, waiting for me. It was a beautiful moment but it happened so fast, and I wish I could go back and find a way to capture it better.


The ceremony was quick and dirty (a Catholic wedding without the mass – gasp!). It felt as if it were over before it even began, and the next thing I knew, we were walking back down the aisle, Husband and Wife.


To be honest, my favorite part of the day was the photo shoot that followed the ceremony. I had so much fun walking around down town with my hubby, catching the curious eyes of people passing by, blushing at their well wishes and storing them in my brain for later (let’s be real though, I don’t remember any of them), striking poses here and there and everywhere. It was fun, and it was pretty much the only time we were able to be alone together that day.


The moment we arrived to the reception hall, the drinks were flowing, and even though I had promised myself I wouldn’t get drunk, (because I wanted to remember every minute of that day), I was wasted half way through.

The reception was pretty standard as far as weddings go. We made the rounds, greeting each of our guests, we didn’t eat our meals, we danced, we drank, we cut cake, and tossed bouquets.

Our DJ was the bomb though. Months after the wedding had passed I was still hearing people say how much fun my wedding was, or how it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding. (Coincidentally, my wedding DJ was also the same DJ who played the music at all my Homecomings and Proms in high school. Weird, right?).

When the night was over, someone drove us to our hotel down town, where I was supposed to change so we could go bar hopping (the reception ended at 8:00PM), But I had left my second dress at my parents house. So instead I went out in my big poofy, princess wedding dress.

We met up with my friends at the bar, I plopped myself down into a seat and proclaimed to the waitress “get me a beer, bitch!” And that’s the last thing I remember. As my good friend Stephanie would say: bless.
Photo creds to Stephjones photography! She rocks 🙂


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