Scattered Brained: When Being All Over The Place Makes Life Exhausting

I think one of the biggest personal challenges I face in life is my “all-over-the-placeness.”

Seriously. I’m a hot mess, I’m scatter brained, and I’m all over the place. Just try to read through my blog… you’ll see.

The problem is, there are sooooo many things that I want to do annnnnd, I’m a doer. So I end up trying to do literally everything I decide I want to do (instead of focusing on one thing at a time) and I end up exhausting myself over half a dozen half, baked projects that never get finished.

I think I’ve written about this before…(maybe on one of the other zillion blogs I have… because one is never enough, amahright?) Life After College is an older blog that I used for quite some time in in my early post-grad years. Then there’s My Online Wedding Diary, a blog that chronicles my experiences leading up to “The Big Day.” Lets not forget Behavior Bitches, which is no longer live, so unfortunately, I can’t link to it. And finally, there’s “Things I Learned The Hard Way” a blog I seemed to have deleted from existence. Actually, I think this blog started out as “Things I Learned the Hard Way”, and I re-purposed it to become Pretty Little Words. That sounds right.

Any way, I’m on a scatter brained tangent now because all-over-the-placeness is a real problem that many people like myself deal with on a daily basis.

There are literally a zillion things that I want to do, and I’m sooooo overwhelmed with everything that’s floating in my head, begging me to get a move on before the energy, time, and zest are all gone.

Here’s a basic list of all the things my brain wants me to do RIGHT NOW  on any given day:

  • Practice Yoga
  • Plan An Awesome Yoga Sequence
  • Pick Up A Class And Teach An Awesome Yoga Sequence
  • Blog About My Awesome Yoga Sequence
  • Blog About My Yoga Practice
  • Start A Yoga Blog (because I totally need more blogs)
  • Do Some Freelance Writing
  • Write A Blog Post About Something
  • Write A Book About Something Meaningful
  • Write A Children’s Book
  • Try To Get The Children’s Book I’ve Already Written, Published
  • Read The One Zillion Books On My Reading List
  • Clean My Kitchen
  • Plan Out My Next Meal
  • Cook My Next Meal
  • Fill Out My Food Diary
  • Fill Out My Planner
  • Buy A New Planner (guys, I am obsessed with planners. I literally have like 3 or 4 of them… and I still want to get another one. I guess that’s just me trying to get organized, but being too all over the place to do it. hah).
  • Do Some Journaling
  • Edit The Photos I Took Months Ago And Put Them Online
  • Work Out
  • Sort Through My Bills & Find Ways To Save Money
  • Plan A Road Trip With My Husband
  • Spend All My Money
  • Go Upstairs And Play Skyrim (has anyone played this game before? do yourself a favor and don’t. It’s addicting as fuck.

A lot of the bullets on this list are actually things that I do most days, like, practicing yoga, planning my meals, cooking my meals, filling out my planner, writing in my food diary, spending all my money and, unfortunately, playing Skyrim.

Everything else I sort of just try to squeeze in whenever I have a free moment (like right now my husband is playing Skyrim, so I’m writing a blog post). I’ve started several books, I’ve picked up a few yoga classes to teach, I’ve planned some decent yoga sequences, I do freelance writing sometime in the mornings, I cleaned my kitchen the other night before bed, (It needs to be cleaned again). I try to read right before bed sometimes, I actually took the time to sit down and sort out my bills yesterday (at work, hah!) and I managed to find a way to save us $40 a month, so that’s awesome.

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is that I need and want to try and get my brain place organized, and get my to do list organized, so that maybe, instead of trying to do all these things all the time, I focus on one project and then, once I’m through, move on to the next. Or maybe create a plan where I actually set aside time to do specific things as opposed to just jumping on the first thing that my brain latches onto in a moment of spare time.

I’m working on it. I don’t want to be that person that never finishes projects. That person that only finds time to blog once every month. That person that doesn’t ever accomplish anything because they can’t focus on it long enough to become successful at it.

So, all-over-the-placeness, it’s time to tackle you head on. Wish me luck!

Anyone else struggle with all-over-the-placeness? I’d love to hear about it! What sort of methods and tools do you use to manage it? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Scattered Brained: When Being All Over The Place Makes Life Exhausting

  1. Maybe you’ll see this… I started reading, Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill a couple of weeks ago. I should be finished by now, but I suffer from the same scatter brained struggle. I have so many ideas — things that I want to accomplish — that I try to do them all and don’t end up focusing on any of them. The reason I mention the book is because in the book, which is an interview Napoleon Hill has with the Devil, the Devil describes how one of his major tactics in controlling the minds of 98% of the human population is by causing them to drift. We drift through life without any clear direction, which keeps us from actually using our minds to think. I’ve started to wonder if my scatter brained afflictions is a tactic to get me to drift through life, keep form thinking, and keep me from accomplishing that which I want most?

    Think about it. Is it possible that you have so many ideas, all of which you could be great at, to keep you from focusing on the one thing you should be focusing on? You become so over-whelmed, so bombarded by your own thoughts, that you’re frozen into paralysis.

    This may not help, but hopefully it doesn’t hurt.

    1. Totally, that actually makes a lot of sense to me. I think I actually read something similar to that. What I read related the same sort of information to a tree, and how trees have so many branches, and the branches were metaphorical for all the things your life could be, but that if you try to make your life all those things, you’ll get overwhelmed and likely make it none of them. I can’t remember exactly, but it did have the same message as what Napoleon Hill says.

  2. Yep. All-over-the-placeness is super real right now. I’m trying to get my planners and office in order and create a habit tracker. I want to get on a schedule to blog. Add in a 3 year and a 3 month old and it is even worse. Like now… why is my 3 year old awake after midnight. Because we had a good weekend. I planned to write a post tonight or at least fix one. If you find the secret to organization let me know.

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