Cut The Drama: How To Remove Unnecessary Drama From Your Life

My life isn’t very interesting (that’s exactly what you want to see when your about to read a blog post, right?).

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but it’s just not very interesting.

I’m 27 going on 28, I’m happily married, I have no kids, and I work for an automotive advertising agency. My family lives close by and so does my husband’s. I make a decent living wage, I have a good chunk of money in the bank, and I have a fun group of friends who I get together with from time to time. Oh, and I just got my yoga teaching certification.

And that’s it. That’s my plain ol’ vanilla life.

Do you ever get bored with your life, and then suddenly find that just as the boredom sets in, some sort of drama begins to erupt, seemingly out of nowhere? And not just any drama. No. It’s the kind of drama that sets a fire under your life causing everything to jump around and suddenly become far less boring.

And once that happens, you find yourself longing for the boredom that you once felt exceedingly annoyed by…

I call this “the self destruct effect.”

Why you might ask?

Because whenever this happens in my life, the drama is usually something that I inadvertently create out of my own sheer boredom.

You get bored so you start looking for something that takes the boredom away, and when you find it, it usually destroys the peace that made your life boring and happy.

For me, sometimes this looks like hurting someone’s feeling by saying something that I shouldn’t have said. Sometimes it looks like picking a fight with my spouse. Still other times, it looks like quitting my job and starting a new one (this is the type of fire I’m playing with right now).

For other people, it might manifest as promiscuity, cheating, unplanned pregnancy, thievery, and a whole bunch of other things that I’m way too vanilla for.

The point is, the result of this boredom-induced drama is usually not good.

So why do we do these things to ourselves? Because it makes our lives more interesting?

Think about a TV show that you really enjoy. Now imagine that everyone was happy all the time. Things would bet pretty boring, right?

Drama makes things interesting. Every good show on TV usually involves and immense amount of drama. Because that’s what’s entertaining.

And I think that’s why, whenever my life gets boring, I somehow end up creating a bunch of drama that I then have to deal with. It helps me to appreciate the happy times. It also gets rid of those happy times, but hey, at least I appreciate them once they’re gone, right?

I’m wondering if maybe there is a more constructive way to pacify the boredom that can sometimes settle into my life. There has to be, right?

Maybe instead of picking a fight with my spouse, I can plan a trip with him. Maybe instead of looking for a new job, I can instead look for new ways to challenge my self in my current position. I could work towards personal growth in my desired career path instead of just “looking for a change.”

For people who struggle with cheating, maybe they could look for new ways to kick up the romance in their current relationship. Maybe people who turn to promiscuity can find ways pour that energy in to a passion.

I think there are plenty of ways that we can try to make our lives more interesting without turning to the drama that we are used to seeing on TV. Without creating problems that can put a damper on our happiness.

Maybe instead, we can find ways to make our lives better. Share your suggestions. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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