Yoga Teacher Training: Positive Changes To The Self.

I’m am loving the way that my yoga teacher training program is directing positive changes in my life already. I’ve completed one full weekend so far, and have been engaging in regular practice everyday, either through classes or personal practice at home.

I’ve never been the type of person to practice everyday, and it’s truly amazes me how going from a practice that was three days a week to a practice that’s seven days a week can make such an incredible difference. 

Lately I’ve been feeling more open, more energetic, more positive, and more at peace. I feel more connected with myself than ever before, and my heart feels lighter, as if it could lift me into the sky, and allow me to float through life, like an extension of the wind. 

I’m also feeling more poetic (hence the whimsical language, sorry guys), and my creativity has been given a generous boost. 

Of course, these changes have also probably been aided by the extensive self care that I have also been practicing the last two weeks. Earlier bedtimes. Better sleep patterns. A healthier, more nourishing diet. Self kindness. Less technology. More personal time. 

I also got to experience the “getting into my stuff” that one of my yoga teachers had mentioned, through a meaningful emotional breakthrough that I encountered after a full weekend of yoga immersion. It was really freeing.

I feel amazing, and I’m so excited to continue in this journey. To discover new things about myself consciously and unconsciously. To dive deeper into my practice. To boost my health and wellness. To learn. And to grow.
Namaste ❤ 


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