So Tired Of The Hate :(

I feel like I can’t continue posting to my blog as if nothing were wrong without addressing the things that actually are wrong right now.

What is the matter with the human race?

I want to believe that human beings are mostly good and that those of us who are bad are few and far between…

But it get’s harder and harder to keep telling myself that when I keep seeing so many despicable things happening around me.

My exposure to movies with high levels of violence is enough to convince me that there are too many bad people in the world.

Just to create a certain level of understanding between us, I feel it’s important to note that I was raised in a very sheltered environment. In a bubble that kept me from being aware of what was going on in the world around me. I was never even exposed to movies with high levels of violence.

It was all Disney, Feel Good and Glitter.

I was largely unaware of the fact that there are people in this world who suffer greatly, just because of where they were born, the color of their skin, the beliefs that they carry, and other nonsensical reasons such as these.

I am beyond tired of hearing about the hate crimes that are being passed off as accidents. The massacres that are being attributed to lunacy. The murders that are being rationalized, because they were committed by the people who are meant to enforce our [terribly corrupt] justice system.

I am tired of people who have their heads shoved so far up their asses, that all they can see is the shit that they’re full of.

How can a person possibly believe that they are better than another just because of a few minute differences? How can a person assume that just because one person in a racial, cultural, social, or religious group does something bad, that everyone in that group would just as soon commit the same offence?

We are human beings, and by definition, we are different. We are a variety of unique individuals that paint the world with beautiful colors, and that should be celebrated, not fought.

How on earth would this country be better if everyone was white? How would this world be better if everyone looked the same? If everyone was the same?

And please, someone tell me how an act of violence against someone who is different from you is going to fix things.

Why are people so angry and hateful?

If you are miserable, making other people miserable is not going to make anything better for you. Hate is not the answer. Violence is not the answer.

Love, and acceptance are the answers. Rediscovering the natural bond that exists between human beings is the answer. Working toward real, actual equality for all individuals is the answer.

I’ve been feeling even more and more lately that this planet that we call home is doomed, because too many of the people that inhabit it are fucked up. And I just don’t even know where to begin in trying to help make a difference. And it’s completely and entirely exhausting.

* as a sidenote, I feel the need to mention that this post was written during a heightened state of emotion, after watching a video of a Woman being handcuffed and Placed in the back of a police cruzer, after watching her boyfriend get shot by a cop during a regular traffic stop.


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