My Yoga Teacher Training is About to Begin

Well, it’s finally July, and that means that my Yoga Teacher Training begins this up coming weekend. I am beyond excited 🙂

During my training, I have to take a minimum of 40 yoga classes at the studio, in addition to the weekend training sessions. So I decided to get started this week. Unfortunately, due to my 9-6 work schedule, my class options are limited. So I’ve had to get up at 5:30 every morning to make the 6:00 AM classes. I’ve made it to 2 classes so far this week, one yesterday and one today. Adjusting from a morning that usually begins around 7:30 to a morning that begins at 5:30 has not been easy.

Unfortunately, getting up earlier also means going to bed earlier… So my down time in the evenings is limited. It’s not so bad though. Now I have extra time in the mornings to do things like blog, make breakfast, and walk the dogs, which is nice. Although, yesterday, I did go straight back to bed after my morning yoga… And I can’t promise that I won’t make that decision regularly

I’m actually going to have to readjust my whole life for the next month while I complete the first third of this training. (There are three months of training total – July, September, and November). I’ll be continuing with my typical 9-6 work schedule on Monday through Friday, and then adding an additional 9-6 of yoga every Saturday and Sunday. No days off, no breaks, just straight go, go, go for the next 4 weeks (and then again in September, and in November).

I’m not complaining though, (okay, maybe a little). I’m actually really excited. This next month is pretty much going to be all about yoga. And it’s exactly the kind of strict schedule I need to stay on top of it. And I also think it will be a really great opportunity to focus on creating a healthier lifestyle for myself in general, by getting more sleep, eating a healthier diet, and of course, exercising more.

Also, I’ll be diving even deeper into my yoga practice, developing my understanding of the more internal/spiritual side of things as well as my skills and abilities with my actual practice. Plus I’ll be surrounded by other people who are just as passionate about yoga as I am, if not more.

I had a nice little conversation with my yoga instructor this morning. She’s about my age and she also went through the yoga training at this particular studio. She had only good things to say of course. She also mentioned that it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. She said “It really gets into your stuff,” haha. (Stuff…? What stuff?)

I’m excited to deepen my relationship with myself. Of all the certified instructors that I’ve talked to, they’ve all said the same thing about their training: That it strengthened their relationships with themselves. And that’s what I’m most looking forward to.

When I got started on my yoga path, several years ago, my main goals were fitness and flexibility.  And while those two components are still important to me, there is so much more to yoga for me personally, than I ever imagined there would be. Yoga has brought me so much and I can’t wait to delve even deeper into it, and hopefully come out stronger (emotionally, spiritually, and physically).

So here’s to a new beginning that will further enrich my life in new ways. I’m truly blessed in being able to pursue this opportunity, and as I’ve said, I can’t wait to get started ❤

But we’ll see how I feel after I do 😉



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