Wedding Series – Post #3: The First Time We Said I Love You

The first time my husband and I said I love you, we were both spectacularly drunk, and at a football game with my ex-boyfriend (whom I had been with for 3 years, and had only been broken up with for about 3 months before my first date with Earle).

It was a bit of a sloppy first to say the least, but it is a night that I won’t soon forget. 

We had been together for about four months at that point, and somehow, I had convinced him to go to a football game with me, my ex-boyfriend (whom, at the time, I was trying to have some sort of a friendship with for some ungodly reason), his new girlfriend and several of my Tampa friends…

We had an awesome time. I mean sure, there was a bit of an awkwardness at first (hence the heavy drinking), but it didn’t last. That is to say, once we were all boozed up, the awkwardness had subsided. Hah.

All of my Tampa friends loved my new beau, which was such a relief, because they were all really bummed when my ex and I had split. But once they saw me with my new guy, I’m pretty sure they knew it was all for the best. One of the girls there, whom I had only hung out with a few times, even decided to tell me, in confidence of  course, “Dang girl, you upgraded!” (I smile inside every time I think about it).

Anyway… It was almost time to head in for the game, but we were separated from the rest of the group, because we wanted to use the portable restrooms before beginning the trek toward the stadium.

I remember we were standing out there for quite a long while, looking into each others glazed-over eyes, slurring sweet nothings back and forth, and then finally he said it, “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you.”

(Or something to that effect. The exact words are lost to me… I was drunk after all… Also, this entire story could very well be fiction. I mean, it’s all true, but there’s no telling how much is being embellished or changed or skewed by my drunken memory. But, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all relevant).

Hearing those words made me happier than I can even begin to explain. Because at that point, I had been in love with him for quite some time. Several weeks, probably. So I smiled and told him I was pretty sure I loved him too. Then we were both smiling. And he said, “I think I’ve loved you for a while.” 

Of course drunk me wanted to know how long “a while” was, so I asked. He wasn’t able to give me an exact answer,  but he was able to recall the moment in which he first decided that he loved me. And that was all I really needed to know. 

(It was after we had watched the movie Wall-E together at my apartment, by the way… Just in case you were curious).

He told me a lot of things that made me very happy that night. It wasn’t the most romantic evening and people usually say that admitting your feelings under the influence is not a good way to go about it, but our feeling were true. We had both known for a while. It just took an incredibly awkward situation and a little bit of liquid courage for us to finally be able to verbalized it. 

And I wouldn’t change one thing about it ❤


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