Sleep Tracking Update: Working Toward Better Sleep

So, it’s only been, ummmm, about  five days since I started working on bettering my sleep… but I have already noticed some changes, so I thought I’d post my results early (plus, I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to keep up with everything through the weekend, heh).

Both Monday and Tuesday night I was able to get in my nighttime routine with no problem. And on each of those nights, I was able to get 8+ hours of sleep. The quality of my sleep, however, was still around the half and half mark of sound sleep VS light sleep.

Tuesday was a busy day at work, and as such, was also quite stressful. So when I got home, I vegged out and relaxed with a bowl of mac n cheese, and a few episodes of The Mindy Project. Luckily, I was feeling better when it was time to get started with my nighttime routine, so I still managed to keep up with it. (Two for two, alright!). I did, however, find that although my emotional distress had subsided, the effects it was having on my body were starting to become more apparent. I went to sleep with moderate to severe heartburn [cue flaming sounds], and have been suffering with some slight indigestion ever since. Therefore, I’ve had to adjust my diet (to something a little bit healthier), which could have had an effect on my results through the end of the week.

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling better. I got up at my usual time, got ready, and went to work, (and was late, as usual).

[Cue entrance: the Queen of Inconsistency]

It was a relatively stress-free work day, and when I came home, I made dinner for my husband and myself. However, I did not engage in my night time routine (I am ashamed). Instead, I decided to watch a movie with my husband. By the time it ended, it was already 10:00 PM, and I just wanted to get to sleep, so I skipped the routine.

I still managed to get 8 hours of sleep (4ish sound, 4ish light), and when I woke up on Thursday morning, I actually felt really well rested (alright!). Maybe a combination of getting 8+ hours of sleep, four nights in a row (including Sunday) and eating a little healthier?

So I decided to get up early and do some yoga before going to work. Practicing yoga in the mornings helps me to relax and get ready for the day, and usually, I have better days when I practice in the morning. (I was still late to work though).

Thursday was a good day, I felt energetic and happy all day long. When I got home, I ran some errands with my husband, made dinner, and then we played video games together for the rest of the night. Again, I didn’t end up doing my night time routine… I’ve noticed that I kind of have to choose between spending time with my husband, and getting in the nighttime routine. So half the week was dedicated to the routine, and the other half was dedicated to nurturing my love life.

When I woke up this morning, after 8+ hours of sleep (4ish sound, 4ish light), I once again felt incredibly rested, so I got up and started my day with yoga.

I’m not working today, so I’m planning on using my abundance of energy to take care of other things as the day goes on.

But as far as my experiment goes, here’s what I think…

Fist of all, I’m way too inconsistent to be a scientist… But despite my inconsistency, I do feel that I’ve learned something.

My Original Hypothesis: If I engage in a nighttime routine every night before bed, then I can increase the quality of my sleep, and therefore feel more rested.

What I actually found was that by consistently getting at least 8 hours of sleep, with around 4 hours of sound sleep each night (regardless of whether I did my nighttime routine or not), I’ve been able to feel more rested, and have more energy throughout the day.

Prior to this experiment, I was trending on getting somewhere between 7 and 8.5 hours of sleep, but never consistently 8+ hours.

At the beginning of the week, by the time the work day was over, I was just done.

By mid-week, I was feeling energetic enough to  cook dinner after work.

By the end of the week, I was feeling so rested and energized that I was able to get up early, practice yoga, and still come home with enough energy to cook dinner and even run some errands.

My Conclusion/New Hypothesis: If I consistently get 8 hours of sleep with at least 4 hours of sound sleep each night, then I will feel more rested upon waking, and therefore have more energy to carry me through the day.

This is of course, a mostly incomplete experiment, and will require more testing. There are a lot of variables that could be having an effect on my results.  I’ll plan on maintaining my early bed time so that I can continue to get 8+ hours of sleep each night. Some nights I will dedicate to spending time with my husband, and others I will dedicate to my “me” time, just as I have done this week.

If possible, I would like to stick to the healthier diet as well as the morning yoga routines, because I do think that these variable have a positive impact on my results.

The experiment continues.

Until next time ❤





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