Penelope VS The Patriarchy

It’s possible that Penelope forgot to take her pills

She’s petulant, and confident, and breaking all the rules.

Particularly proud today – pesky, posh and prude

Passing people boastfully with blatant attitude.

Patriarchal society is narrow minded in perspective

They think a woman should be passive, pristine, polite and perfect

Positive… Petite… Polished, pretty and profound

Or else they wouldn’t bother even having her around.

These standards are impossible, improbable, imprudent…

A woman can’t live up to that and logically she shouldn’t.

Perturbed by all the poppycock the populace expects

Penelope works pointedly to puzzle and perplexed.

Powerful, passionate, persuasive and proactive

She’s positively brilliant, resilient, sharp and active

She challenges the patriarchy proudly without fail…

With help from other women, she’ll most certainly prevail


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