Working Out Consistently is Hard: When Follow Through Is A Major Issue

My savage race training and work out routines have been… Inconsistent at best.

It’s hard to get into training for something that’s so far away… even when it’s something you’re really excited about.

I think my husband and I managed to work out three full days one week. Otherwise, everything else has been pretty scattered around. One weekday here. One weekend there. One too many beers and a netflix binge every night in between.

I have a problem, wherein, I’m all over the fucking place. There are at least ten zillion things I want to do, and I get so caught up tending to half of the things on my list, that I either completely forget about the others, or I just say, Fuck it!

My follow through on my intentions, blows. Even my blogging is mostly inconsistent.

As far as health and fitness goes, I have one main path that I follow — that being my  yoga path. I’d to practice everyday, but I don’t. And, come next month, I’ll be getting started on the training course for my teacher certification. Whomp Whomp.

Yoga is the most important thing, but sometimes it keeps me from really focusing on the training I need for this savage race. And then, sometimes my desire to train for the savage race keeps me from practicing yoga. Is this a catch 22?

I’m a little disappointed in myself because I haven’t been consistent with yoga and I haven’t been consistent with my training regime and workout schedule for the race.

I only have about four months to train and I’m still dying after a mile.

My yoga teacher training begins next month and I haven’t been practicing regularly, in preparation,  like I had intended.

I need to get serious about my goals if I ever want to see them fulfilled.

I know what I want to do and I know what I need to do, but my follow through is shit.

Yoga in the mornings, training routine in the evenings. It shouldn’t be so difficult, should it?

Does anyone else find that they struggle with the follow through of their workout goals or other plans?

Let me know how you manage to stick with it!

Xoxo ❤



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