Wedding Series -Post #1: How I Met My Husband

Yeah, I got married recently. So naturally, I want to do a series of wedding posts.

So it occurs to me that I have not yet written a blog post about my wedding. Marriage is a pretty monumental event in one’s life, and it seems like a good thing to include on my blog. Besides, it’s not like I got married years ago or anything like that… It’s only been four months.

So, I’ve decided to write about my wedding.

Weddings are a big deal and there’s a lot of content to potentially include, so, I decided that in an effort to keep myself from writing a novel long post about my entire day and everything leading up to it, I’m going to split it up into a series of posts. That way I won’t feel restricted about what I can and can’t say. Plus, I don’t want bog anyone down with too much information at once.

I’m actually sitting down at my computer today, ordering prints (finally) so I can make a wedding album. And as sit here waiting for the photos to upload, I’m going to write the first blog post in my wedding series: How I Met My Husband. So here it goes…

Earle and I first met at Publix*. Where he worked. Where I shopped. It was my regular Publix, and I had been shopping there for a couple months (since moving back in with my parents after a devastating break up that took me by storm). He had been working there for a few years. In fact, several people who I knew that shopped at this particular Publix were quite familiar with him… The Handsome Customer Service Guy, [cue cheesy smile].

I actually hadn’t really noticed him in the couple months that I had been shopping there. I was too busy being stuck inside my own head all the time.

But he noticed me. Apparently he had been trying to get my attention for a while. But, stupid me. Lost in my own little world. I didn’t give it to him.

It wasn’t until one day when I was buying a whole cart load of things that I finally noticed him. As I was checking out at the register, he was bagging my things. I hadn’t paid much attention to him, until I was finally finished with the transaction and ready to leave.

He looked at me with his big beautiful eyes and said, “Can I help you to your car?”

I finally glanced his way. Finally noticed him for the first time. I smiled and said, “No thanks.”

Much to his disappointment, when he asked if I was sure, I nodded and said, “I’m sure.”

Then, as I was walking toward the door, it was like my brain had finally processed how damn attractive this guy was, so I turned around to get another look at him, and he was looking back at me too, [blush].

What the hell is wrong with you?  I thought. Why the heck didn’t I say yes? I suppose I’ll never know.

After that, I started paying closer attention to him when I was at the store. I started looking around for him, just hoping to catch a smile. We would make eye contact several times upon each visit, but he was usually too busy to bag my groceries, let alone help me to my car. It was staring to seem as though my opportunity to get him out into the parking lot with me had passed.

Then, one fateful night, as I was buying a small case of beer for a party, I noticed him at the register. So naturally, I entered his line. There were a couple of girls in front of me, flirting with him, of course [scoff]. Although, I couldn’t help but notice that he kept looking back at me as I waited.

When it was my turn to check out, he rang up my beers (ciders actually) and asked me about them. He had never tried them before and wanted to know how they were. I’m sure I nervously muttered something that was probably incoherent in response to his question. But he didn’t seem to mind.

Then, as he handed me the bag, he held onto it for a moment, and looked deep into my eyes. And as his lips parted to form words, I imagined he would say something like “have fun at your party,” but in reality what he said was “you have beautiful eyes.”

I’m pretty sure I melted into a puddle on the floor right then and there. I muttered more nonsensical words, nervously ran my fingers through my hair, and formed a grin so wide, that it can only be beat by the smile I wore on our wedding day.

Not long after that, I mustered up the courage to give him my number. My hands shook as I nervously handed him the piece of paper that contained my personal information. And he smiled, not mockingly, but, with what seemed to be somewhat of an enchanted kind of look.

I shouted awkwardly, “do with it what you will!” And ran out of the store. (wtf is wrong with me?)

But he loved it. 30 minutes later he was texting me, and we were making plans for our very first date 🙂 It was a very magical experience, and these first few memories with him are moments that I will cherish forever. Stay tuned for more stories about Alex and Earle, our wedding day, and everything leading up to it.


*Publix is a popular grocery store chain in Florida that is slowly expanding its reach into the much of the southeastern part of the United States.


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