DC Pride Fest: An Exciting Event Followed By a Tragic One

The DC Pride Festival Was Incredible.

I went to Washington DC last weekend to visit a friend, and while I was there, we attended the DC pride festival. I’ve been wanting to write a post about this event, but in lieu of the recent tragedy in Orlando, I thought I’d hold off for a while…

This was a very exciting event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The energy there was unbelievable. So many people. So much love. And so much happiness… It’s an unbelievable shame for such a horrific thing to happen surrounding whats supposed to be a happy time. I am devastated over the loss and suffering that Orlando has seen as a result of hate, or terrorism or whatever.

But in any case, the festival was still a lovely event, and I’m so happy I was able to witness it.


I didn’t know that it was going to be pride weekend when I planned my trip, but when I found out, I thought, how neat would it be to go see this parade, and be a part of so much love, and well, pride.

The parade began at 4 O’ Clock pm. The streets were flooded with motorcycles, walkers, floats, military personnel, men, women and children, all showing their pride, and showing their support for the LGBT community.


Onlookers were crammed together against the boundaries to watch as the parade sauntered through. We lifted our hands in the air, trying to catch any of the goodies that were being thrown out into the crowd, including candies, beads, condoms, bouncy balls, and who knows what else.


We cheered as people strode by.


We squished together into one big happy, sweaty blob of excitement, compassion, love and energy. It was great.


And at the end of it all, my friend and I returned to her apartment, hot, sweaty, dehydrated, exhausted, and happy 🙂



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