Savage Race: Let the Training Commence

Are We Really Going To Run a Savage Race? Really?… Yes We Are.

My husband and I have decided to run a savage race later this year in October. It’s a seven mile race with around about 25 obstacles including mud pits, ice water swims, rope climbs, rock climbing and more.

It seems like it’s going to be pretty difficult.

So my husband and I have decided to start training now. We should probably start with running, because as of right now, I’m not even sure if either of us can run a full mile. But we want to make sure we’re trained for the Savage Race’s obstacles too.

I think I might be good for the ice water swim… Considering that I fell into the depths of the freezing cold river rapids on our trip to North Carolina two years ago…


Yeah, I’m probably good.

cropped rapids

So, we decided to go to West Marine to buy some rope. We figured We could hang it from a tree, tie a few knots in it and start training for the rope climbing challenges that this Savage Race includes.


Earle is pretty much all set with this one.


I, on the other hand, will probably need to work at this.


We’re excited though. It’ll be an interesting challenge. We have just over four months to train, so I’m hoping we can improve our physical conditions by then.

We’re not really looking to be contenders. We’re just hoping to be able to get through it. I think I read something about 80 percent of people who sign up, actually complete the entire race without skipping any obstacles. So we’ll see how it goes.

If you’re interested in getting in on the fun, take a look at the details for the savage race, online.


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