Building a House: We’re Just Getting Started

So, my Husband and I decided not too long ago that we wanted to build a house. And thanks to my wonderful parents and the resources we are fortunate enough to have available to us, we are actually capable of doing it. So we bought a piece of land.


As we are working on getting the paperwork side of everything done, we thought it might be fun to begin clearing the land on our own. We’ll be heavily involved in the process of building our house, putting in lot’s of time to build up what my parents call “sweat equity,” so we thought, why not start with clearing the land.  I’ll tell you how this endeavor went by quoting what my father said when I told him we were going to clear it ourselves.

“Alright, you guys have fun playing, and then we’ll get some professionals in there to clean up after you.”

We grossly underestimated the amount of work that goes into clearing out dense vegetation. There’s so much nature… And so many roots! And it’s so very hot outside. After about an hour, I was spent. Earle is still very optimistic about doing the job ourselves, but I have my doubts. I think my dad was right. We can try to do as much work as possible, but in the end, I still think we’re going to need a professional to come in and finish the job.


We’re excited to get started on actually building our house, but there’s so much we have to do before we can begin. Aside from clearing the lot and getting together all of our proof of income and identity and what not for the loan, we have to have a survey completed (which is in the works), get a contract signed with our builders (AKA Mom and Dad), finalize our floor plan (working on it), select all the materials and make decisions on every last detail that’s going to go into the building of this house (a trip to Home Depot is in order!), have a spec sheet created – including the costs of all the materials that are being used in/on the house, we’ll have to have a septic tank put in, and then finally have the land filled. Then, once all these things are done, I think we’ll finally be able to get started. Lets hope things start moving along soon.

There are two floor plans we are deciding between, and I believe this is the one we’re going with:

Alex-Layout (1)

My mom is still working on it. I don’t think she’s quite done, so there may still be some changes, but for the most part, this it what our house is going to look like. ❤

Stay tuned for more updates on this process, and follow our journey as we work toward building our home 🙂


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