A Loss in the Work Place

I was greeted with sad news this morning at work. Someone from my office passed away in some sort of tragedy over the weekend. It’s very sad. I didn’t know him well, but I definitely noticed him. He had an energy about him and was like a very positive light shining in the work space. It definitely feels a little darker in here this morning.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so I don’t know what most companies usually do in this sort of situation. Ours brought in a counselor for a group therapy session first thing this morning. She’s spending the rest of the day here for smaller group sessions and some one-on-one time for anyone who needs it. They’re encouraging all of us to take the opportunity to sit down and speak with her. I don’t think I will. I have my own regular therapist I can talk to about these sort of things, and besides, I wouldn’t want to take any time away from people who really need it. While I am saddened by the loss, and the empath in me is really hurting for his friends, family and loved ones, I didn’t really know him myself.

I took a moment of silence for him immediately after I found out about his passing. He was a bright light that has very suddenly been shut off, and I think the whole world will be just a little bit darker without him.

Thinking about his death and what so many people have lost really got me thinking about the people like that in my life. People who are important to me and of whom I am suddenly feeling more appreciative. People whom I would be crushed to lose. I think I’ll hug each of them a little tighter next time I see them. Life is short. You never know how much time you really have with someone before they’re gone. Or before you’re gone. Spend time with people you love. Spend time doing things you love. Take a look at everything you have in life that’s good and just be thankful for it.  We’re all lucky in so many ways.


2 thoughts on “A Loss in the Work Place

  1. Wow! I can totally relate to this post. I too a few years ago had a co-worker past away. He sat right behind me at work. And like you although, I didn’t know him that well on a personal level it did bother me to know that he had passed away the night before. He was a very nice man who took great care of his family (you hear conversations sitting so closely) and he was also a hard worker. Always running from meeting to meeting and yes, he was truly missed by his peers. Something like that does put things into perspective in one’s life. We are truly lucky in so many ways. Great post!

  2. Hey, just noticed after reading antother post in your “blog post by other bloggers” log that I was mentioned in there. I want to thank you, for mentioning me. It is appreciated very, very much! I feel special. lol

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