Fun at the Dog Beach

If you’re like me, as a dog owner, every now and then you feel the guilt that wrenches at your heart strings when you haven’t made enough time for your dogs. My dogs seem to get more and more rambunctious, the less time I spend with them. So, this past weekend, we decided that a trip to the dog beach was in order. We got together with several of our other dog friends and we made a day out of it.

Let me begin by saying that the dog beach is not a place for the faint of heart. There are dogs everywhere, off leash, and things can get a little bit chaotic. And of course, you have the occasional fight that breaks out. You definitely have to be the alpha in your canine relationship if you’re planning a trip to the dog beach.

So, we hauled our puppies out to the beach and set up camp with our friends while the dogs set out to make new friends. My dog, Pippa, was a little timid at first about finding other dogs to play with, but every now and then she found someone to run around with.

Who should I play with?

Chief, my husband’s dog, knew exactly what he wanted while we were there — to urinate on everything in sight and get as much tail as possible.

You sly dog, you.

Other dogs were only interested in playing with their owners, while some just wanted to relax in any open beach chair they could find.

I brought the ball!
Princess Mila

And some dogs felt the need to police the other canines when things were getting a little too out of control.

I stopped the fun!

All in all, it was a great day. We relaxed in the sun and sipped on some beers as we watched the doggies frolic through the ocean and roll around in the sand. When everyone finally started getting tired, we decided to call it a day. Our dogs seemed to be pretty tuckered out for nearly two days after that, but now of course they’re back to their usual antics. All in all, it was a very successful dog beach day.



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